Why do I need CertifID?

Phishing attacks and scams continue to rise and have nearly tripled since 2019. Cybercriminals have become more vigilant and tech-savvy. With this growing threat, consumers and businesses need to become more educated, engaged, and sharp on how to combat and recognize these threats.

Wisconsin Title Group has partnered with CertifID to optimize its wire transfer operations and reduce its threat from cyber-criminals. Certified is a real-time security platform that authenticates parties in a transaction and securely transfers wiring information.

CertifID will safely and securely deliver wire transfer instructions by…

 Sending you an instructional email and text message

 Validating your identity

 Sending you Wisconsin Title Group’s wire instructions (for buyers) OR delivering your bank account information to Wisconsin Title Group (for sellers or borrowers)

Don’t get tricked at the last minute!

Cybercriminals may attempt to steal your money by hacking emails, impersonating title companies, and spoofing your real estate agent or lender to trick you into sending funds to a fraudulent bank account. DO NOT TRUST ANY WIRING INFORMATION UNLESS IT COMES THROUGH CERTIFID. If you receive any communication with new or revised instructions, contact Wisconsin Title Group immediately by calling our office or visiting in person.

Visit the American Land Title Association wire fraud resource site for more information regarding wire fraud and protecting yourself against it.